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Anchorage Arbor Care is a local tree service that works with Alaska residents to aid in growing a more conscious attitude towards the effects we have on our environment. In addition to providing superior service, we also offer continuous support and education to each of our customers.

With an eye on forestry and sustainability, our goal is to be a tree service that promotes a mutually beneficial relationship between our community and its trees.

Services we offer include:

Tree Removal
Has that clump of cottonwoods gotten out of control? Is that spruce too big (and close to the house) for its own good? Perhaps you have a tree that’s leaning over and threatening to topple onto the neighbor’s fence.

Brad and his team have the knowledge and experience to make sure your tree removal is done safely and accurately without causing harm to surrounding buildings or landscaping.

Not sure what to do about that problem tree? This is the perfect reason to give Anchorage Arbor Care a call. We’ll come out, take a look at the situation and advise you of your options. Contact us today at (907) 250-3065 to set up an appointment.

Tree Pruning
While the focus of pruning your trees is to improve their overall health and vitality, pruning also provides a visual appeal.

Professionally pruned trees look healthy and vibrant. Dead and damaged branches are removed which encourages the growth of your tree’s supporting structure.

Proper pruning of newly planted trees will allow them to fully recover from their initial root loss. It’s also the first step in training the shape of your new tree.

Tree Trimming
Tree trimming is a common request in Alaska. When your gorgeous view is partially obscured by an overgrown tree or two, give us a shout before you take action on your own.

Clients oftentimes think that tree removal is required to maintain their view, but it may be just as effective to trim back your trees. It’s also cheaper. Let our expert eyes assess your lot and tree placement and recommend a plan forward.

Dangerous Tree Cutting
Sometimes you have no choice but to have a tree cut down. It may be dead, storm damaged or pose a hazard to overhead electrical lines or nearby structures.

When this is the situation, you need expert assistance. Anchorage Arbor Care approaches every job with safety as their #1 consideration. We take the time to plan our approach to ensure no harm comes to your property, your home, or your neighbors & family.

Cabling and Bracing
Cabling and Bracing are tools used by Anchorage tree service companies to support and improve the structural integrity of your trees. Use of this technique often includes pruning to reduce the weight load on the affected branch or trunk. This combination is commonly used on “split” trees.

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